Princess Beatrice quit job over cyber-attack

Britain’s Princess Beatrice left her job at Sony over the infamous hacking scandal.
The 26-year-old royal is said to have decided to resign from her position as a paid intern in the company after her salary, address and other confidential information was stolen by online criminals.
The attack – which is speculated to have been carried out by North Korea in retaliation for Sony releasing a scathing comedy film depicting leader Kim Jong-un’s assassination – also saw the release of a number of damning email conversations between Sony bosses and top secret scripts including that of the latest James Bond movie ‘Spectre’.
A friend told the Mail on Sunday: “Beatrice’s job was semi closed down by North Korea when her social security details were splashed all over the pages of American newspapers.”
Beatrice’s pal also hit back at claims the Princess was making little effort to find alternative employment after she was criticised for jetting off on three luxurious holidays over the past month.
The friend insists she isn’t “scared of hard work” and has already lined up two new potential jobs and will continue working as a patron of six charities.
They said: “Beatrice has got another two interviews next week and she is not scared of hard work.
“She’s in her mid-20s and is trying to build up work experience with financial companies and start-ups.
“She has done plenty of work experience, so she can forge a serious career with lots of skills.”
“How dare people attack her for not working hard when she does exactly that in her office for charities and for the Royal Family?”