Prince Charles likes Wolf Hall

Britain’s Prince Charles is a fan of ‘Wolf Hall’.
The 67-year-old royal bonded with author Hilary Mantel – who wrote the novels the series is based on – as he presented her with a damehood for services to literature on Friday (06.02.15) and admitted he has been tuning into the historical drama, which stars Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell and Damien Lewis as Henry VIII.
Hilary said: “We talked about the television series of Wolf Hal. He is enjoying [it] very much.”
The 62-year-old author laughed off reports Charles’ own household is nicknamed ‘Wolf Hall’ due to its similarity to Henry VIII’s feuding court.
She said: “I couldn’t possibly comment on that!
“I think there may be an element of exaggeration there.”
Hilary has previously been outspoken about the royal family, describing Charles’ daughter-in-law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as a “shop window mannequin” whose only purpose is to breed.
However, she insisted this didn’t impact on Friday’s meeting and claimed her previous comments were taken out of context.
She said: “I think that anyone who has dealings with the press is familiar with how this can happen.
“The full text of my lecture has always been available and unfortunately what happened was that a couple of sentences were taken completely out of context and all things turned on its head.
“Far from being a criticism, it was a plea to remember she’s a human being as well as a royal person. It was extremely unfortunate that it was interpreted as a personal criticism.”