Prince Harry quitting job as Apache pilot

Britain’s Prince Harry will no longer fly combat helicopters.
The 30-year-old royal, who previously claimed piloting Apaches was “the best experience ever”, has reportedly decided to quit the job to focus on his work with injured troops.
The flame-haired Prince – who previously served two tours of duty in Afghanistan – had been expected to return to his duties in the Army Air Corps but is reported by The Sun newspaper to have changed his mind due to the training and desk-work that would’ve been required for him to be promoted to a squadron commander.
Harry is believed to have told his superiors that he wants to continue working for the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Recovery Capability scheme to help soldiers get back to duty or return to civilian life.
Meanwhile, it’s been reported that the Prince – who recently enjoyed a holiday to the Swedish capital of Stockholm with a group of pals – has been dating ‘Harry Potter’ actress Emma Watson.
However, the 24-year-old beauty has taken to her Twitter account to deny the rumours.
Suggesting the publication that claimed the pair were seeing one another had printed inaccurate information, Emma wrote: “WORLD remember that little talk we had about not believing everything written in the media?! (sic)”