Prince Charles wants to reign in Windsor

Britain’s Prince Charles won’t live in Buckingham Palace when he is king.
The 66-year-old heir-to-the-throne reportedly wants to reign from Windsor Castle and would allow the London residence to be used by the public instead.
A source told the Daily Express newspaper: “One of the ideas that Charles has discussed is for the Royal Family to leave Buckingham Palace entirely, turning it into a kind of grand official centre for events, an art gallery and public use.”
The move would ease concern over repairs of the building, with Queen Elizabeth’s treasurer, Sir Alan Reid, reporting last year that it needed £50 million investing to bring the palace up to standard, as it has cracks in the roof, crumbling walls and an unsuitable heating system.
And Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, believes it should be open more to the public to help offset its expense.
She said: “It’s only open 78 days a year, they only have about half a million visitors, compare that to the Tower of London – they have over two million.”
The queen and her husband, Prince Philip, previously explored the idea of leaving the palace in favour of Clarence House early in her reign.
However, the proposals were vetoed by then-Prime Minister Winston Churchill.