Rebecca Ferguson edited for Prince William

Rebecca Ferguson’s performance for Britain’s Prince William was censored.
The former ‘X Factor’ star performed at a gala dinner in Shanghai for the prince and other guests as part of the Great Festival of Creativity yesterday (03.03.15) but her songs were screened by Chinese authorities beforehand.
A scrutinising committee banned songs containing mild sexual references or religious connotations as they could be deemed offensive to local sensitivities.
Rebecca’s spokesperson told the Daily Mail newspaper: “After our hosts had been through all Rebecca’s song lyrics, we were asked to make sure she did not perform ‘I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm’, ‘Lover Man’, or ‘God Bless The Child’.
“They told us they loved ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Get Happy’, and so she was happy to include those songs.”
Despite the editing to her setlist, the 28-year-old mother-of-three enjoyed performing for the prince and admits she was overwhelmed with emotion when she met him afterwards.
She tweeted: “Just performed for his royal highness and I got a little emotional I am not to proud to say I am extremely lucky and blessed come along way
“From where I was god has been kind xxx
“Had to leave my kids at home still I hope they will be proud of their mummy love you the world
“He has all the charm and grace and warmth as Diana what a lovely person I am honoured lovely memory for the grandkids (sic)”