Britain’s Prince William and Duchess Catherine love One Tree Hill

Britain’s Prince William and Duchess Catherine are fans of ‘One Tree Hill’.
The creator of the TV drama series, Mark Schwahn, has revealed he was informed the 33-year-old royal and her husband Prince William were avid viewers of the programme before it ended in 2012, so sent them complimentary DVDs of the show.
He revealed: “I was told Will and Kate were big fans.
“I was approached about season four of five of ‘One Tree Hill’. And they said, ‘William and Kate love the show. They watch it all the time. Can we put together some box sets for them? Can we send along some stuff?’ Obviously they were dating. And I said, ‘Cool. Let’s send them some stuff!'”
Now the show has ended, the 48-year-old screenwriter and director is hoping the royal couple will be watching his latest series, ‘The Royals’, which focuses on a fictitious royal family and stars Elizabeth Hurley as the Queen of England.
He told E! News: “I would love for Will and Kate to be fans of the show, and it would really bother me if people thought that we were attacking the actual monarchy. I’m a big fan, actually. I think it’s relevant and important, and I love being able to go to London and see the history, touch the history and be fascinated by it.”