Prince Harry wants to ‘follow in his mother’s footsteps’

Britain’s Prince Harry decided to quit the Armed Forces because he wants to “go where he is needed”.
The 30-year-old royal announced his decision to leave the army earlier this month and according to one of his close circle, he is keen to follow in the footsteps of his mother Princess Diana.
The unnamed source told the Daily Mail newspaper: “He wants to go where he is needed, just as his mother did.
“He feels he can achieve something worthwhile rather than spend the next ten years sitting at a desk.”
Among the projects Harry is currently working on is devising a way to mark the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, in 2017.
A long-time friend explained: “It is only a couple of years away and he has been thinking of making a major statement about it.
“It might be establishing a new charity or beefing up an existing one. It might even see him unveiled as the head of a non-government organisation, provided it was not just a ribbon-cutting position.”
In the more immediate future, however, Harry is preparing to spend four weeks living and working with the Australian Defence Force.