Birth of royal baby to be marked by new coin

The birth of the second child of Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge will be marked by the release of a new £5 coin.
The 33-year-old royal, who is heavily pregnant with her second baby, is expected to give birth in mid-to-late April and it’s been announced a commemorative piece will be launched shortly after the tot is born.
Crossing the palms of babies with silver is a way of wishing them luck and follows on from the birth of Prince George in July 2013, when The Royal Mint produced 10,000 solid silver crown-sized £5 coins, which cost £80 each.
Additionally, some 2,013 22 carat gold sovereigns were produced, each of which were priced at £800 each.
The coins featuring the newborn’s namesake St George were sold out within days.
What’s more, those babies born on the same day as Prince George were given their own lucky silver coin.
The special coin was delivered in a pink or blue pouch depending on the sex of the baby.
The decision to release the special coin has been approved by Queen Elizabeth and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.