Prince Charles ‘sanguine’ about letters ruling

Britain’s Prince Charles is “sanguine” about the publication of letters he’s written to the government.
Yesterday (26.03.15), the Supreme Court ruled that the prince’s handwritten letters sent to various government departments between 2004 and 2005 should be made public, and although Clarence House has admitted to being disappointed by the decision, a source close to the heir to the throne says he’s not massively concerned.
The source explained: “This has come down to quite a narrow legal principle and was not about the content of the letters.”
What’s more, the insider refuted accusations that the prince has tried to interfere with British politics, saying he was simply trying to shine light on specific issues that had been mentioned to him by members of the public.
Asked if the ruling would stop the prince from writing to ministers, the source told the Daily Mail newspaper: “This is a small loophole in the law that the government have very quickly closed. I can’t imagine it [the decision to publish] would impact on the Prince of Wales as he undertakes his public duties and service.”
Following the ruling yesterday, prime minister David Cameron said: “This is a disappointing judgment and we will now consider how to release these letters. This is about the principle that senior members of the Royal Family are able to express their views to government confidentially.”