Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II ‘stunned’ by royal gifts

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was left “stunned” by a collection of Royal gifts.
The 88-year-old monarch declared “you don’t get gifts like that any more” as she was shown the treasure trove of past presents during a tour of the Royal Library at Windsor Castle.
The Queen – whose recent gifts include a Brazil football shirt, lego model of Tower Bridge and an accountancy of Ireland – enjoyed looking at an illuminated manuscript during the tour and was particularly taken by a collection of poems which was given to the Prince Regent, George IV, in 1812, by the Shah of Persia.
Dr Joanna Newman from King’s College London has helped to put together the collection and joined the Queen on the tour.
She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “The Queen said she was stunned by the beauty of the gifts and letters, especially the Persian book of poetry that she was looking at earlier.
“She talked a great deal about the letters. She said she was extremely interested by them, that they were very impressive and that she is happy for the collaboration to be with King’s College.”