Britain’s Prince Harry hates selfies

Britain’s Prince Harry hates selfies.
The 30-year-old royal admitted his hatred for the photographs while talking to a female teenage fan during an engagement in Canberra, where he refused to take part in a snap.
When asked for a photo, he responded: “No, I hate selfies.”
The son of Prince Charles, and younger brother of Prince William Duke of Cambridge, went on to urge the gathered crowd of youngsters to take “normal” photos instead, describing the trend of taking photographs of yourself as “bad”.
He added: “Seriously! You need to get out of it. I know you’re young but selfies are bad.
“Just take a normal photograph.”
Lauren Rosewarne, a social media expert at the University of Melbourne believes he was hoping to enlighten young people with the comments by highlighting how such photos will never disappear once uploaded to the internet.
She added: “Young people need to be reminded as many times as possible that what you put online stays online, even if you delete it.
“He knows probably better than anyone… how these images will never go away.”
The prince is in the country for a month-long secondment after which he will retire from the army, having previously spent two tours with the British Army flying helicopters in Afghanistan.