Duchess Camilla should be Queen according to half of Brits

Almost half of British people believe Duchess Camilla should become Queen.
A new opinion poll conducted by YouGov has revealed 49 per cent of Brits would like to see the Duchess of Cornwall become Queen Consort, the traditional title of the wife of a reigning monarch, when her husband, Prince Charles, assumes the throne.
The survey results – released just days before the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary – show how the public perception of the 67-year-old royal has changed in the past decade, with only seven percent of people believing she should assume the title when surveyed ten years ago.
However, opposition remains due to the public memory of Charles’ first wife, Princess Diana, who divorced the prince in 1996 before being killed in a car accident the following year.
The survey of 1,830 adults in Britain, conducted in March, found that one in four women and three in ten men believe Camilla should be given a lesser title out of “sensitivity” to the late princess.
Nevertheless, aides continue to insist the duchess has no intentions of taking the title of Queen Consort when her husband succeeds Queen Elizabeth II, explaining she intends to be known as the Princess Consort.