Prince William and Harry tried to trick chef

Britain’s Prince William and Prince Harry once tried to trick their chef into cooking them pizza when they were children.
The Duke of Cambridge and his brother Harry are said to have tried to get their personal chef to cook them up a tasty snack by forging a note from their nanny saying they were to have pizza instead of roast chicken but their “juvenile handwriting gave their identity away”.
Former Royal chef Darren McGrady admitted he was “more scared of the nanny” than he was of William so he chose to obey her rather than the young princes.
He shared: “They may be royal children, but they still have children’s palettes.”
McGrady explained that during his 15 years as chef to the Queen and Princess Diana at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, the chef of the day would send a list of suggestions to the young royals’ nursery for what they should eat and the nanny would then make her choice and a butler would bring the meals down to them.
The former chef explained that the boys were served “traditional, English food” and said William was fond of cottage pies and peas, poached chicken and rice and fish cakes.
He told People magazine of the selection of meals: “Everything a normal British child would have. The only difference is they had a chef cooking it for them.”