Duke and Duchess of Cambridge keeping godparents on ‘the down low’

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are keeping their ideas for their second child’s godparents on “the down low”.
Duchess Catherine and Prince William – who have 21-month-old son Prince George together – are due to welcome their second child later this month and royal expert Victoria Arbiter has spoken out about the importance of choosing the child’s godparents.
She explained: “It’s an important role. A godparent is there to provide religious guidance. It’s also somebody who is there other than a parent or family member that a child could turn to. Some royals have had as many as 12, so the possibility of people to be named can be a little tricky.”
The Duke and Duchess named family friends of the late Princess Diana, a former royal aide and an old university friend as George’s godparents after his birth in 2013, with Catherine leaving her sister Pippa and William his brother Prince Harry off the list.
Victoria told HELLO! magazine: “William and Kate are so keen to keep things on the down low and pretty chill. They want someone who is close to them and that they can trust. We won’t find out who the royal couple has chosen for their new bundle of joy until the baby’s christening, but there’s already buzz about who could possibly take on the coveted role.”