Prince William and Duchess Catherine to boost security

Britain’s Prince William and Duchess Catherine are expected to increase security when their baby is born.
The couple – who already have 21-month-old son Prince George – will welcome their second child into the world in the coming days and Ken Wharfe, a former head of security for Kensington Palace, says it is standard practice for a new addition to mean extra protection is required.
Ken – who was part of William’s security detail when the prince was just five years old – said: “Currently, William and Kate have a protection team, I would imagine, of somewhere in the region of about six and eight between them, with the resources calling upon additional security should they need it.
“In amongst that team, you have an additional two people that will be solely responsible for the protection of George.
“[When the new baby arrives,] that security will be increased again by probably another one.
“Not that George goes out on public duties, but there has to be extra security for obvious reasons. Because they will go out with nannies. That is what the royal family wants. They don’t want [the kids] to be completely nursery-bound up until adulthood.”
Security has also been increased at St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing, where Catherine will give birth, and Ken admits there are always “exhaustive” checks whenever members of the royals are at a publicly-known location.
He added of the hospital: “It’s like a fortress there when a royal is inside.”
And Georgie McGrath, who has given birth twice at the Lindo Wing, added: “Even if you got into the ground floor, you couldn’t effectively get upstairs unless you were passed in and signed in. It’s very safe, very safe indeed.”