Prince Harry refuses VIP treatment

Britain’s Prince Harry refused a private table at an Australian restaurant.
The 30-year-old royal visited The Stables Bar in Perth with eight
Special Air Service Regiment personnel and shunned VIP treatment by insisting on using the main front door and sitting in the middle of the eatery, rather than a special area he was offered.
Owner Tim McLernon said: “We asked him if he wanted to come in different entrances but he just wanted to be normal and come in the front.”
And despite sitting so publicly, the prince was left alone to enjoy his meal of pork belly.
Tim added: “Everyone just left him alone. Let him be, which I thought was a nice touch.”
The prince – who is on a month-long military secondment in Australia – happily split the bill with his new friends and added a “nice little tip” for restaurant staff.
Tim added to AAP: “They didn’t drink a lot because they’re training. And at the end of the night, they divvied up the bill, like every normal Australian does, and he put his share in, which I thought was a really nice touch.
“I believe he left a nice little tip.”