Prince Harry caught a crocodile in Australia

Prince Harry helped capture a crocodile during his tour of Australia.
Newly released pictures have shown the 30-year-old Prince hauling the 3.1m (10ft) reptile from Darwin Harbour, and wildlife ranger Erin Britton said he did a “great job” helping the crocodile management team in the removal of the saltwater crocodile. According to the BBC, he added that the prince would make “a great croc catcher”.
Rangers in the Northern Territory remove crocodiles from waterways used for boating and fishing to limit the risk of fatalities and injuries.
The Parks and Wildlife Commission Northern Territory says more than 200 crocodiles, common in Australia’s tropical north, are removed from Darwin Harbour each year in order to limit the risk of fatalities and injuries. The crocodiles are then taken to crocodile farms or killed.
Meanwhile, Prince Harry has spent a week in New Zealand, and, on his final day in the country yesterday (17.05.15), Prince Harry took part in a five-a-side game with a group of young players to promote the Fifa under-20 World Cup, and scored a winning goal in the last few seconds of a football match to the delight of a cheering crowd.
After the 8-7 victory in Auckland, he said: “I’ve had a great time and that win was so well-scripted, thank you.”
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who was made team coach, praised the prince’s “great display of athletic ability and sheer presence”.
He said: “If you want a spot in the New Zealand team, call us any time, it’s yours.”