Prince William blasts wildlife ‘plunder and destruction’

The Duke of Cambridge has spoken out against the “plunder and destruction” of African wildlife.
Attending the 25th anniversary of the Tusk Trust – which Prince William has been a Royal Patron of for 10 years – at Windsor Castle last night (21.05.15), the 32-year-old prince addressed the 300 guests at the event, including Katherine Jenkins, and said that wildlife hunting is “growing worse by the week”.
The Duke of Cambridge said: “The plunder and destruction of Africa’s natural endowment remains one of the greatest challenges facing the world – and it is growing worse by the week.
“Over the last 100 years, the abundance of the world’s species has decreased by almost a third. But the picture in the last few years has seen a genuinely unprecedented rise in the numbers of animals being slaughtered for their body parts.
“With the illegal trade on the rise, our response to it must rapidly evolve. The time for words has long gone – we must see action.”
Prince William went on to praise the Tusk Trust, led by CEO Charlie Mayhew, for raising $39million in 25 years for over 100 projects, protecting 36 different endangered species.
He said: “I am hugely proud to be Royal Patron of Tusk Trust, a position I’ve now had for 10 years – longer than any other position I’ve held bar none.”
Prince William is set to spend the next week off with the Duchess of Cambridge, their one-year-old Prince George and newborn Princess Charlotte until he returns to his new job as an air ambulance pilot on 1 June.