Cressida Bonas: I need to be careful of my fame

Cressida Bonas has to be “careful” of people trying to exploit her association with Britain’s Prince Harry.
The 26-year-old actress – who stars alongside Cara Delevingne and Alicia Vikander in the upcoming period drama ‘Tulip Fever’ – admitted she has to be cautious around people who are only interested in her because she used to date the 30-year-old prince.
She confessed: “I do have to be careful. But I have good intuition and great friends. They wouldn’t let me make such mistakes.”
Meanwhile, Cressida also revealed she feels more confident as an actress than she is in everyday social scenarios.
She told W magazine: “I’m much more confident performing than I am in social situations.”
Earlier this week, Prince Harry was rumoured to have reunited with another of his ex-girlfriends, Chelsy Davy.
Speculation suggested the pair are planing to spend more time together over the coming months, with Harry set to travel to South Africa, where her father Charles hails from.
A source said: “Chelsy has always been the one for Harry. They might have been apart for a while, but they’re a natural match and they’ve enjoyed seeing each other again. They’re back on and seeing what happens.
“The ball is very much in Chelsy’s court. She knows what life with him entails, but they’ve been through so much together. Announcing that he is ready to settle down publicly is his way of showing her he’s serious.”