Prince Harry to work with Nature Conservancy and Save the Rhino Trust

Britain’s Prince Harry wants to help with efforts to save the endangered black rhino.
The 30-year-old royal is set to embark on a three-month trip to Africa this summer and has set aside time to visit Namibia’s north-west Kunene region to learn how to save the rhino and desert elephants.
A source close to the prince told MailOnline: “Harry has chosen much of the itinerary himself. He has been very hands-on and Namibia is one of the places he will be going over the three months.”
Harry chose to work with the animals over hundreds of other conservation projects after studying the work done by the Nature Conservancy, which aims to protect rhinos and elephants as well as enhance the capacity of community game scouts by working alongside the Save the Rhino Trust.
The flame-haired prince is also expected to travel to Botswana, where the conservation charity Tusk operates a number of projects and where the last remaining Bushmen live.
Speaking previously about his plans to shadow one of South Africa’s leading vets and work with national park rangers, harry said: “That could be anything to do with tracking poachers, jumping on a vehicle early in the morning, darting elephants, darting lions … It’s going to be amazing.”
Harry – whose brother Prince William is a keen campaigner against poaching – is then due to return to the UK in September when he will resume his work with the Ministry of Defence, helping to rehabilitate wounded Servicemen and women.