Zara Phillips: I’m lucky to be normal

Britain’s Zara Phillips thinks she’s lucky to be “normal”.
The 34-year-old royal, who is the second-eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, has admitted she welcomes being seen as one of the more down to earth members of Britain’s most-famous family.
She shared: “I’ve been very lucky.
“My parents didn’t give us titles, so we’ve been able to have a slightly more ‘normal’ upbringing.
“As soon as you’ve got a title it’s very difficult to shed it.
“My brother and I have been very lucky like that, being able to find our own way.”
What’s more, Zara confessed she doesn’t even consider herself to be royal.
She told the Sunday Times newspaper: “Probably not. But then, they’re my family, so obviously I kind of am.”
This comes shortly after Zara launched her own line of jewellery inspired by her love of horses in collaboration with Australian designer John Calleija.
At the time of the launch, she said: “I am no jewellery designer but I have had a great time working on this with Calleija and I hope everyone enjoys the collection as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.”