Queen Elizabeth to be moved from Buckingham Palace?

 Britain’s Queen Elizabeth may have to be moved out of Buckingham Palace to allow maintenance work to take place.
The royal residence, which has not been decorated since 1952, needs new plumbing and wiring and one option to resolve the situation is for the Queen to temporarily move elsewhere.

A source told the BBC: “One option is for the palace to be vacated. The initial estimate for the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace looks like £150 million.
“That depends on how you go about refurbishment, whether you do it in parts or the whole thing (at once).”
This comes shortly after it was revealed two teenagers were plotting to blow up Buckingham Palace, as well as the Houses of Parliament, “a random shopping centre” and a public school.
The 16-year-olds from the North East have been locked up for a year after admitting to the plot, which was foiled by one of their mothers.
John Dilworth, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North East, said: “It is alarming to note that, at the point when their scheme was discovered, these two young men had already secured all of the materials required to construct a viable explosive device.
“Thankfully, the potentially tragic consequences of their plans were never realised.
“We are grateful to the actions of the defendants’ relatives, whose suspicions alerted police to the serious risk posed, not only to the public at large but also to the young defendants themselves.”