Royal funding ‘needs to be revamped’

The British Monarchy ought to be “put on a proper budgetary fitting”, according to a campaign group leader.
Graham Smith, from the group Republic, has called for a fundamental change in approach to how the royal family is funded.
Reflecting on reports that Buckingham Palace needs to undergo refurbishment work worth £150 million, Graham told the BBC: “It is time that the whole funding system is scrapped, re-written, that the monarchy is put on a proper budgetary fitting – and that maintenance of the palace is taken out of their hands and given over to the same people that look after the Tower of London very well.”
Meanwhile, a Scottish Government spokeswoman has confirmed that a devolution of power in Scotland will have no impact on the amount the country pays to the monarchy.
The spokeswoman explained: “Scotland will continue to make the same financial contribution to the monarchy as at present – there will be no reduction in the sovereign grant as a result of devolution of the Crown Estate.”
The comments came after reports suggested there could be a reduction if profits from the Crown Estate in Scotland are retained by the Scottish Parliament and not the UK Parliament in a year’s time.