Princess Eugenie hired dwarves

Britain’s Princess Eugenie hired seven dwarves to accompany her to her birthday party.
The princess recently celebrated her 25th birthday with a lavish Disney-themed party at Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park and as she decided to dress as Snow White, she contacts Cheeky Events to gain companions for the evening, at a cost of around £100 per hour each.
According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the dwarves accompanied Eugenie wherever she went and she made sure she danced with each of them, while friends who wanted to dance with them had to ask her permission first.
Eugenie had asked other friends not to dress as Snow White but there were many other costumes on display, with her father Prince Andrew as Prince Charming, mother Sarah Ferguson as Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and her sister Princess Beatrice as the Little Mermaid.
However, her cousin Prince Harry bent the rules and opted to go as Nintendo hero Super Mario instead.
Revellers reportedly changed out of their fancy dress into club wear at around 1am and the festivites, which were due to end at 2am, eventually stopped at 5am, over 11 hours after the first of the guests had arrived.
A source said: “Some guests threw up outside in the grounds. It became extremely raucous by about 2am, with people literally falling over drunk.
“One couple were caught heavy petting.”
Music was described as “middle-of-the-road chart hits and lots of R&B and rap” and there were no speeches.
A firework display had also been mooted during the early planning stages, but was eventually axed due to costs.
A source explained: “Talk of fireworks was shelved after it was realised the ones they wanted — the go-on-for-hours, accompanied by music variety — were going to be way too expensive. They decided it was better to have none at all rather than a cheaper, quicker display.”