Prince Harry: I’m doing my ‘dream’ job in Africa

Britain’s Prince Harry has his “dream” job in Africa.
The 30-year-old royal is shadowing top veterinarian Dr. Pete Morkel in Namibia, Africa, in order to combat threats to endangered species.
Dr. Morkel is said to be an expert at using humane techniques to safely capture and relocate animals, often by helicopter, as well as being known for his anti-poaching strategies, and Harry will also spend time embedded with conservationists and frontline staff helping protect Africa’s natural heritage in South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana, according to The Sun newspaper.
Prince Harry has previously said working with Dr. Morkel for even just three weeks would be a “dream”.
Speaking to, Harry said: “For me, it’s three months of hard grafting, working with animals. To actually get the chance to embed myself with the top vet in southern Africa, travel with him for three weeks and every job he gets called up to do. That’s like my dream.”
Matt Brown, Africa conservation director of The Nature Conservancy, which supports Save the Rhino on the ground in Namibia has added how “grateful” the organisation is for Prince Harry’s work.
In a statement, Matt said: “Black rhinos are being pushed to extinction by the illegal trade in rhino horn. Across Africa, rangers are outnumbered and outgunned by poachers.
“We’re grateful that Prince Harry is bringing attention to this critically endangered species, and to this organisation that’s very worthy of support.”