Prince Albert changes nappies

Prince Albert of Monaco is a hands-on father.
The 57-year-old royal – who welcomed his twin babies, Gabriella and Jacques, in December with his wife Princess Charlene – has revealed he takes a very active role in raising the newest members of his family.
He told the French publication Nice Matin: “When they wake up I try to spend time with them, playing little games … I give them their bottles and change their nappies.”
Meanwhile, it was revealed recently that the prince is writing a movie about his struggles to assemble Monaco’s first bobsleigh team in 1986, despite the disapproval of his father Prince Ranier, then-ruler of the principality.
The royal – who competed in five Olympic games in two-man and four-man bobsleigh between 1988 to 2002 – said: “It’s a very unique and personal story.”
Sergei Bespalov, the co-chairman of his production company Aldamisa, added in a statement: “This is the first royal fairy tale which tells the true story of a sitting monarch, where the human drive for achievement becomes a battle with one’s own limits, amplified by the constraints of royal duties.”