Tom Cruise wants Prince Harry for Top Gun

Tom Cruise wants Britain’s Prince Harry to star in the ‘Top Gun’ sequel.
The 53-year-old star is set to reprise his role as pilot Maverick in the movie and is reportedly desperate to sign the royal up for a cameo role.
An American casting agent revealed: “Tom has thrown the offer out to his team to hit up Buckingham Palace and get Prince Harry.”
As well as contacting Buckingham Palace, the ‘Mission Impossible’ actor has got in touch with mutual friend David Beckham in the hope the footballer can persuade Harry to agree to star in the film, which is due to be released next Christmas, to raise money for charity.
The agent continued: “He’s even suggested the prince’s salary could be donated directly to his chosen charity. Tom also hopes David Beckham can put a word in and pull some strings too.
“He knows it is a long shot but if anyone can make it happen it is Tom.”
The source continued to say the 30-year-old royal is the perfect fit for the role because he has “real experience” of “flying in combat”, as he is a qualified Army helicopter pilot.
The source told the Daily Star newspaper: “He doesn’t just want Harry as a gimmick casting but someone who offers real experience and knowledge of flying in combat.
“Harry has been on the frontline in Afghanistan, so he has the credentials to stand tall in the film.
“Not only is Harry qualified but his involvement would be a huge PR coup for the movie.”