Prince William wants to stay ‘grounded’

Britain’s Prince William wants to stay “grounded”.
The 33-year-old prince – who is second in line for the throne – has revealed he took on his new job as an air ambulance pilot because he sees it as the type of job which will help him “to be a good guy”.
On his first day in the position on Monday (13.07.15) following months of training, he told Sky News: “For me it is also really important to be grounded. I feel doing a job like this really helps with grounding the core of what I am trying to become … just trying to be a good guy, trying to do what you can, trying be a decent individual, thoughtful. Qualities in people that you would want to be associated with.”
Although he admitted to suffering from “first day nerves”, he said he was glad to finally be starting the role, having started training last September.
He added: “It has been a long time coming. A lot of training, a lot of effort.”
However, it wasn’t a quiet day for William, the Duke of Cambridge, as he was sworn into action just two hours after the start of his shift, jumping into his H145 helicopter to attend a road crash near St Albans at 9.10am (BST), although they were stood down en route as the patient didn’t require emergency medical help.