Britain’s Prince Charles meets lobster and starfish

Britain’s Prince Charles met starfish and lobster mascots as he continued his royal tour of the West Country.
Accompanied by his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, the 66-year-old royal conversed with characters Sally the Starfish and Larry the Lobster as they walked down Fistral beach in Newquay, Cornwall.
Speaking after the event, Alex Milden, who dressed up as Larry, said: “The Prince commented that I must be very warm inside the suit today.
“He was very interested and supportive of our work at the Marine Conservation Society and I explained we were wearing the costumes to highlight the problem of marine litter.”
His colleague Nicola Greaves, who donned the Sally the Starfish costume, also revealed Prince Charles made a joke to her about his lack of interactions with starfish in the past.
She told the Daily Express newspaper: “His Royal Highness said he doesn’t often talk to starfish and he asked how I was and what it was like in the costume.
“I said it was a little bit hot. I think he wanted to see how tall we were in the costumes and where our heads were.”
The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have visited a number of places during their three-day tour, including a local food fair, a pub as well as chatting with residents on their way.