Britain’s Prince Harry has Diana’s ‘fun and naughtiness’

Britain’s Prince Harry inherited his mother’s “sense of fun and naughtiness”.
Diana, Princess of Wales’ former butler Paul Burrell has claimed the 30-year-old royal takes after his late mother when it comes to personality in particular.
He described the late royal – who was married to Prince Charles – as “unique, the most beautiful woman in the world and irreplaceable,” before revealing he used to wake her up with a glass of carrot juice every morning.
Queen Elizabeth II, who he said “is a good, kind Christian lady who is devoted to her people and that she is devout, always honest and would not hurt anyone”, would be offered a more traditional cup of tea in the morning.
Paul also shared the harrowing tale of how he was sent to Paris, France in 1997 after the Princess was fatally injured in a car crash.
However, despite the anguish, Paul urged the boys at Bolton School, where he was doing a talk, to follow their dreams
According to, he said: “Take your chance, what is the worst that can happen to you?
“I was an ordinary man thrown into extraordinary circumstances.”