Britain’s Prince George and Princess Charlotte love Shaun The Sheep?

Britain’s Duchess of Cornwall has revealed her grandchildren’s favourite film is ‘Shaun The Sheep’.
While Camilla – who has step-grandchildren Prince George and Princess Charlotte – attended Sandringham Flower Show in Norfolk on Thursday (29.07.15) where she bought a toy sheep and when she handed over the money shared that she “has to watch the children’s “favourite” movie “all the time with my grandchildren”.
As reported by The Western Daily News, she said: “He’s adorable isn’t he [the toy]. I have to watch it all the time with the grandchildren – it’s their favourite film. Fortunately I rather like it too.”
Meanwhile husband Prince Charles collected gifts for his grandchildren, including a teddy embodied with Princess Charlotte’s name and her date of birth (02.05.15).
57-year-old Shelia Clarke from Glasgow, Scotland had added the name and date herself.
She said: “He [Prince Charles] didn’t realise I had done it myself and remarked on how nice it was.”
At the same event, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were shocked when a Bald Eagle named Zephyr spread its wings, almost causing the Prince to stumble over.