Princess Anne gets on with ex-husband

Britain’s Princess Anne “gets on great” with her ex-husband.
The 64-year-old princess divorced Captain Mark Phillips in 1992 but they still have an amicable relationship, and she remains “supportive” of his Festival of British Eventing, which takes place on her Gatcombe Park estate and is now run by the captain and their son Peter.
Mark said: “When we started the festival in 1982, she and I were both still competing and we wanted to set up something here and give something back to the sport.
“I don’t think we understood we would still be doing it 33 years later. Obviously the princess and I did it together originally, but she has been supportive ever since.
“And now Peter is involved as well. The princess and I get on great, but Peter deals more with the park issues and it is easier for him to do that than me.”
Mark is particularly proud of the way he and Anne – who is now married to Sir Tim Lawrence – handled their separation and put Peter and his younger sister Zara first.
The captain – who split from second wife Sandy Pflueger in 2012 – told The Times newspaper: “I know we got divorced byt the one thing we did really well when we got divorced was how we handled the Peter and Zara situation.”