Britain’s Prince Charles’ saving planet for grandchildren

Britain’s Prince of Wales wants to protect the environment for his grandchildren.
Prince Charles was on a trip to Transylvania to help the rural communities by setting up a scheme to help people market their native and self-produced products.
He said the reason for his continued support and involvement in the project is because he cares about “the future of your grandchildren as well as mine”.
The heir to the throne – who has two grandchildren, two-year-old Prince George and three-month-old Princess Charlotte – told the BBC: “That’s entirely why I’m trying to do all this, is that I mind about the future for your grandchildren as well as mine and lots of other people’s.”
Talking about places like Romania where people still use manual farming methods such as using horses to transport food, Prince Charles believes that’s “true sustainability and complete resilience” and he thinks smaller farmers play an integral role in the “maintenance of food security”.
He continued: “where we see true sustainability and complete resilience. I happen to think the small farmer, the smallholder, is absolutely crucial to the maintenance of food security.
“It can’t all be done by gigantic corporations, agribusinesses. Some of them try, but a lot of them are not interested in biodiversity or culture or rural communities.”
He added: “We witnessed in the UK the depopulation of the countryside, the disappearance of so many family farms, the effect it’s had on the countryside, the wildlife, everything.”