Thailand’s King recovering from water on brain

Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej is resting after suffering from excess fluid on the brain and a chest infection.
Thailand’s Royal Household Bureau announced on Monday (10.08.15) that the 87-year-old is convalescing after a recent X-ray showed that his inflamed chest was no longer a problem and his heartbeat was as it should be.
A statement by the palace read: “Examinations showed fluid in the brain had increased and a team of physicians asked permission to increase fluid drainage gradually of the brain and watch symptoms closely.
“An x-ray of the royal brain on August 5 showed water levels had decreased to close to the original volume.”
King Bhumibol – who is the longest serving monarch in the world – had been staying in hospital since May and was allowed out on May 10 but was admitted a few weeks later on May 31, according to the BBC.
The King is said to have been given medicines to clear the mucus in his chest and is now having physical therapy.
While, the King of Thailand has no duties he is seen as a symbol of unity for the country because he has ruled since 1946, and so his health and well-being is closely monitored.
Bhumibol was first admitted in October of last year where he had his gallbladder removed at Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital.