Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall work for their money

Mike Tindall gets annoyed when people think wife Zara Phillips and himself get “handed things on a plate”.
The former British rugby champion who is married to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter and have 18-month-old daughter Mia has aired his anger at people who think they live off tax payer’s money.
He said: “It is important you go out and earn your own money,” he sighs. “It annoys me when people think we get handed things on a plate, because we don’t.
“It’s difficult because I want the perception to be that I go out and work – because I do. I like going out and doing the punditry, all the research it requires, but it’s hard when people assume things that aren’t true.”
The 36-year-old retired sportsman also feels “very fortunate” he has been able to work after his retirement has said he would like to get into hosting rugby or sport TV shows eventually.
He told the Mirror newspaper: “I hate the word ‘celebrity’. I just feel very fortunate to have been involved with a very good team, and one which opened other doors once I had retired.
He added: “There aren’t many of us around who did what we did, and hopefully that makes me employable for a bit longer.
“I love all sports and I suppose the end goal, the ideal job, would be to host some kind of rugby or sports show.
“I am basically trying to throw my hand in at everything, give it all a go, and see where it takes me.”