Royals given permission to build new tennis court

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been given permission to build a new tennis court at their home.
The royals, both 33, are set to spend as much as £60,000 on their new court at Amner Hall in Norfolk, where they have made their family home.
They plan to replace an older court that had fallen into disrepair, hoping the move will improve the view from their ten-bedroom property.
Once the changes are complete, the old court will become part of the back garden.
A design statement with the planning application said: “The current tennis court needs extensive work to resurface and we have been advised that to resurface we need to remove all the existing court and start again.
“In doing so the landscape designer has recommended that the court is moved away from current position to the proposed position which involves taking a very small area of Parkland to provide sufficient space around the court.
“Moving the court further away from the Hall improves the views from the Hall and locates the court largely in an area of undeveloped garden.”