The Crown re-enacts Queen Elizabeth’s wedding

The marriage of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has been re-enacted for an episode of ‘The Crown’.
The real-life event took place in November 1947, when the Queen tied the knot with Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey in London, and a similar scene was watched by passers-by as filming continued for the new Netflix show.
Actress Claire Foy, who plays the central role in the new series, was seen wearing a replica of the Queen’s white satin wedding gown and a matching veil.
The 31-year-old actress also wore a glittering tiara, as well as a strand of pearls.
Former ‘Doctor Who’ actor Matt Smith, who plays her husband Prince Philip, was also seen on the set of the new series, which is said to represent a £100 million investment for the popular streaming service.
‘The Crown’ is actually the most expensive drama ever made by the US company and also its first to be made in the UK, covering 60 episodes over six series.
The show will follow the Queen’s life from her wedding in 1947 through to the present day, recalling some historic moments along the way.