Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia take first royal tour

Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are on their first royal tour together.
The glamorous newlyweds – who live in Stockholm – travelled to a nature reserve as part of a two-day visit to Byamossarna in Arvika and were greeted by royal fans and staff at the national park today (27.08.15).
Sofia, Duchess of Värmland – who married Carl Philip, 36, in June – attended the event in aid of Great Corner charity, which supports disadvantaged children.
The couple met students from South Africa who were brought over to study in Sweden from the deprived Langa Township in Cape Town.
In a speech during a ceremony Sofia, 30, described the plight some teenagers face.
She said: “I have personally seen what gang activity can lead to. We have phased out the fragile thread between life and death which our young people are balancing on.”
The former reality TV star – who ran a children’s charity before marrying Prince Carl Philip in June – added that she sees “hope” through the charity.
She said: “With initiatives as Great Corner and many of the others Project Playground take on, I feel much hope.”
Meanwhile, during their wedding ceremony, a loved-up Carl Philip hailed the former model as his “role model”.
He said: “Proudly I say:[Sofia] you are my role model…. I have a lot left to do in life, a long journey, but I look forward so much to travelling it with you.”