Britain’s Prince Charles is charming in real life

Britain’s Prince Charles is truly “charming”.
The 66-year-old royal will be portayed on stage in ‘King Charles III’ at Birmingham Repertory Theatre by ‘Holby City’ actor Robert Powell, who has met the prince on numerous occassions and says he is a very warm man in real life.
He said: “If you go online, all you get is an official Charles. The Charles I am glad I am familiar with is a social Charles. Then he is lovely and very charming, although there are elements of rigidity in the private Charles. He is very disciplined and likes things just so.”
Robert, 71, is an ambassador for the Prince of Wales’ charity the Prince’s Trust and says he’ll draw on the times he has met the heir to the throne in person to play the character.
He said: “He always says ‘oh hello’ when he meets me in a friendly way. I also know his father quite well and they are quite alike.”
He added: “It’s poignant but also a very funny play. As soon as I read the script, I knew it was extraordinary and I wanted to do it. This is a huge challenge as it’s a massive part but it is a great character to try to bring to life.”
‘King Charles III’ runs September 4 to 19 at Birmingham Repertory Theatre.