Race to make ‘Elizabeth Sponge’ for Queen’s anniversary

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has inspired a cake race.
Top chefs including Rosemary Shrager, Brendan Lynch, Dean Edwards, Matt Tebbutt and Miranda Gore Browne are competing to make the ‘Elizabeth Sponge’ before September 9, to mark the day that the queen becomes the longest-serving monarch in British history.
Speaking about her recipe, Rosemary said: “I love the Royal family and the Monarchy so I’m delighted to have been able to create a new sponge cake which celebrates the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
“When it came to deciding what would go into the sponge, I wanted to make two cakes sandwiched together. They have two very different feelings; the bottom sponge which is coarser in texture represents the firmness and solid line of the Monarchy.”
Matt’s is a spiced honey cake with raspberry and whisky cream, Brendan’s includes traditionally British raspberry-rose and lemon flavours and Miranda’s sponge is golden honey with crunchy chocolate biscuits, buttery highland shortbread, raspberry cream and honey drizzle.
Kenwood came up with the idea and have asked the British public to decide which is the best tasting recipe
What’s more, it’s hoped that it will trump the popular Victoria Sponge as the nation’s most loved cake.
They said: “We’ve been producing every day baking essentials for over 60 years and feel proud to mark such a milestone in the British monarchy with a new quintessentially British recipe.”
The winner will be chosen on 13 September at Goodwood Revival and people can vote on Kenwood’s Facebook page.