Prince Harry’s ‘banter’ on film set

Britain’s Prince Harry and Jonny Wilkinson had “banter” on set during filming for the Rugby World Cup video.
The 31-year-old royal and England rugby’s golden boy had cameos in the short movie made about the sport’s origins and 14-year-old Ed Anthony – who played a young William Webb Ellis who invented rugby in 1823 – said the pair looked like firm friends.
He said: “All this has been incredible fun and getting the chance to be with Prince Harry and Jonny was quite something – they get on so well, there’s always banter between them.
He added: “Although I wouldn’t want to be a royal, I now know what a difficult job they do and I have huge respect for them.”
It was a dream role for the youngster but Ed revealed after 20 takes of the scene, where he runs past Prince Harry who plays a gardner, the royal spotted that he was exhausted and called time on filming.
Ed told The Daily Telegraph: “Towards the end I was getting tired as I had the run-up to get my speed going and the wind-down.
“Prince Harry noticed and asked the director if I could have a breather which was so nice of him.”