Prince William not confident in Aston Villa

Britain’s Prince William thinks Liverpool Football Club will beat his team Aston Villa in Saturday’s (26.09.15) match.
The avid Villa supporter chatted to ex-Army soldiers yesterday (23.09.15) in Manchester and Andy Walton, a former Royal Engineer, revealed the prince moaned that Liverpool “stole” their best player.
They signed striker Christian Benteke in a £32.5million deal last summer and Andy – who is a LFC fan – said the prince confessed his doubts about Aston Villa’s chances against the rivals.
Andy said: “I was having a lot of banter with him about the football. We have got them this Saturday. He was saying ‘you stole our best player but I think you will win this Saturday’.”
Prince William and his brother Prince Harry were in Manchester with the BBC’s ‘DIY SOS’ team on ‘The Big Build: Veteran’s Special’ and helped to renovate a street of derelict houses into homes for ex-service personnel.
The heir apparent put his painting skills to the test but Andy revealed that Prince Harry was not impressed.
Andy recalled: “He (Harry) said, ‘You can tell which part my brother has done because it’s not very good.’ He said he will paint over it and painted over what William had done.”
He added: “It was cracking. I found William very talkative”.