Queen Elizabeth to spend less time at Buckingham Palace?

Queen Elizabeth reportedly wants to spend less time at Buckingham Palace.
The 89-year-old royal – who recently became Britain’s longest-serving monarch – currently spends about six months of the year at her London residence but wants to reduce her time there, especially if her husband Prince Philip, 94, dies before her.
A source told the Sunday Times newspaper: “There is a feeling that if the Duke of Edinburgh passed away her preference would be to spend more time in Scotland.
“The discussion has been that if he goes before her, that would be her wish.
“She loves Scotland, it has always been a great comfort to her, where she is happiest and most relaxed.
“She’s a different person up there. At Balmoral she feels she doesn’t have to be a caricature of a queen.
“Everyone will play it by ear but the feeling is the Scottish plan will be what she wants to do.”
Despite her love of Scotland, the monarch is also said to be considering Windsor Castle as her main base.