Portraits of Royal Family unveiled at auction this week

The earliest portraits of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth are to be unveiled at an auction this week.
A stunning collection of photographs of the Royal Family, which date back to the 20s, are set to go on sale at the Dominic Winter auction house in Cirencester, Gloucestershire on Thursday (15.10.15).
Auctioneer Chris Albury said: “These royal photographs form a wonderful series of up close and captivating portraits across four generations of British royal family life.
“It is very interesting to see so many photos like this all together.
“It is almost like time lapse photography following The Queen from newborn up until her teens and later, when she becomes a mum.”
The images – taken by royal photographer Marcus Adams – were accidentally uncovered at the late photographer’s home in Wiltshire earlier this year after his widow passed away.
The collection includes snaps of Queen Elizabeth II from the age of 12, her sister Princess Margaret, her son Prince Charles, daughter Princess Anne and parents Elizabeth and George VI.
Marcus Adams and his father Walton and son Gilbert were some of the leading royal photographers in the 20th Century.
They were frequently commissioned by George VI and Queen Elizabeth to document their young family through the years.
The set of photos are expected to fetch up to £300, except a collection of ten standard portraits of the Royal Family, which is expected to go for £500.