Britain’s Duke and Duchess of York’s former home demolished

The former home of Britain’s Duke and Duchess of York has been demolished.
Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah were gifted the sprawling £15 million mansion by the Prince’s mother Queen Elizabeth in 1996 following their marriage but the 12-bedroom Sunninghill Park in Berkshire has now been pulled down.
The house was sold by the royals in 2007 to Kazakhstani businessman Timur Kulibayev and then sold to another buyer but it has since gone into disrepair and the council have allowed it to be knocked down.
The area has also been plighted by the “noisy” jumbo jets coming into nearby Heathrow Airport.
A neighbour said: “It’s terrible – huge jumbo jets fly right over our rooftops and it’s so, so noisy.”
Another local added to the Mail Online: “It’s going to be good if it goes because the history goes with it. It had lovely grounds and staff but it was never a place of great beauty.”
The home is expected to be replaced by a larger property – a six bedroom house, which will also have a further eight bedrooms specifically for staff use.