Prince William penned letter to murdered submariner’s widow

Britain’s Prince William penned a heartfelt letter to a murdered submariner’s widow and children.
The 33-year-old royal sent a note of condolence to Gillian Molyneux, 41, and her four kids after Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux was tragically shot dead by Royal Navy junior Able Seaman Ryan Donovan in Southampton, South England, in 2011.
Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, Mrs. Molyneux said: “He wrote that he could sympathise because he was the same age as Jamie when he lost his mother.
“I think the intention of his letter was to make us understand that we we weren’t alone and it did that.”
She added: “I thought it was such a lovely thing to do‎. It comforted my children and it inspired them.
“I remember thinking at the time he’s going to be getting married in front of the whole world and he’s taken time out to write to me. It just shows was a lovely man he is.”
Mrs Molyneux met the handsome royal for the first time over the weekend at a national remembrance ceremony for the Submarine Service in the Middle Temple in London.
And the widow had clearly left a permanent mark on William’s heart as he remembered her.
She explained: “He asked me to give the children big hugs from him, which was nice.”