Britain’s Prince George is ‘noisy’

Britain’s Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is getting on well with her “noisy” brother Prince George.
The six-month-old tot’s mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, has revealed her son, two years, is struggling to contain his excitement about Christmas approaching.
When asked how preparations for the festive holiday are going, she said: “I haven’t started yet, but George will be starting to talk about Christmas soon.
“They are doing really well, thanks. Charlotte is getting bigger and getting on well with her noisy big brother.”
The 33-year-old royal made the comments as she toured North Wales with her husband, Prince William.
During their visit, they met with a number of people affected by mental health and the charities associated with them.
Paul Farmer, the CEO of the mental health charity, Mind, said of their visit: “Every day in the UK 13 men take their own life. We have seen here the power of friendship and shared understanding and being able to bring people together.
“They are shining a light on the millions of people who experience mental health problems and people who are struggling to get the right kind of support.”