Britain’s Prince Charles opens art exhibition

Britain’s Prince Charles officially opened an art exhibition at the Royal Drawing School.
The 67-year-old royal – who is next in line to the throne – was on hand to celebrate the successes of the students, including soldier Harry Parker, who was injured whilst on active duty in Afghanistan.
He said: “I’ve always done art but it’s difficult to keep it up with bullets flying around. Art isn’t therapy, it’s hard work and you’re doing it on your own.
“The good thing about the Royal Drawing School course is it’s for people from all different backgrounds who all bring different things. We’re all in it together.”
And Harry isn’t the first soldier to have taken part in the course.
Douglas Farthing – who served as a Sergeant Major in the Parachute Regiment for 20 years – added to Art Daily: “The army is about your regiment and country. This course is finding out who you are and explaining it through drawing.
“I first met The Prince of Wales when he visited our Batallion in Iraq in 2003. Tonight we had a chat about John Sell Cotman, an artist we both admire and even with everything going on, he spent time with everyone and showed a genuine interest.”
The Royal Drawing School was founded by the Prince and artist Catherine Goodman 15 years ago.