Britain’s Prince Charles: Act now and save the planet

Britain’s Prince Charles has urged people to act now “before it is too late” to save the planet.
The 67-year-old royal – who is first in line to the throne – urged for “collaboration [and] a sharing of knowledge” to help ensure generations to come can continue to enjoy nature like the present generation can.
Speaking to the World Forum on Natural Capital, he said: “We need to run the global bank that we call our planet in a responsible and competent manner. [We have to] act now before it is too late.
“I think there is an urgent need for collaboration, sharing of knowledge and a drive to do things differently. The value of the planet’s ecosystems and biodiversity has not been taken into account fully and consistently in our decision-making systems.
“We are facing what can only be described as a cataclysm of events which pose a real threat to our survival.”
Meanwhile, the Prince is said to be doing his own bit to help the environment by running his prized Aston Martin DB5 on bioethanol, taken from wine made at a vineyard in Wiltshire, England.
This change of fuel reportedly reduces the carbon footprint of his car by 85%.