Queen Elizabeth Jokes with Prime Minister Trudeau

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and the Canadian Prime Minister joked about their height difference as they met at Buckingham Palace.
The 89-year-old royal reminisced with Justin Trudeau about their previous meetings when he was a young child when his father, Pierre Trudeau, was in charge of the North American country.
According to Canadian broadcaster CBC News, he said: “The last time we met you were much taller.”
To which she replied, “It’s nice to see you again … but under different circumstances.”
The 43-year-old politician also praised the royal for being so “lovely and gracious” every time they met.
In a statement released during his time in London, he said of his meetings with the Queen as a young boy: “She was always lovely and gracious. She was very tall, which points out how little I was at the time.”
Meanwhile, Justin – who is now 6 foot 2 inches tall – previously revealed what it was like growing up as the son of a Prime Minister.
He explained: “There were lunch hours where I wouldn’t eat at school because we had to rush home to have lunch with the Queen.”